• “TV & Misery second Transition” is a work written at this very moment for us, for this company. There was a time, after the first world war, when humanity did not think that a similar atrocity happening again.

    The big disappointment WWII caused among the people of Europe did not size. Works like Waiting for Godot are one example. There is no memory, there is nothing to hope, that is, nothing. The creation of Europe after those events, globalization as a fact and supportive of any attempt to cut heat expansion returned to believe in the dream that a better world could be true. But the fall of the wall, which was the brake on rampant neoliberalism has led us to another financial imbalance and social inequality without limits. The citizens again be the victims of such brutal devastation of war only as social landscape had succeeded so far.

    Looking to make a hilarious comedy picture of our situation, at home, in hospital, at school … And television, which explains, what that produces in us.

    Manuel Vázquez Montalbán was a key man in the intellectual life of our country, a man crucial. We are fortunate to have their views on this key moment, specifically, our short democratic history, his analysis of the character of Aznar, the historical moment in which it happened, pacts between parties that took out … and all that that meant in the structure of our country and the mentality of its citizens. Old ghosts now have reached its peak, now found an excuse to finally develop.

    Its ironic lucidity and wisdom gave us the inspiration to write this book. And all we are living, of course.

    Carmen Portaceli


    by Albert Boronat
    address: Portaceli Carmen
    Cast: David Bagés, Louise Castle / Cartañà Eva, Gabriela Flores Perez and Albert
    Musician: Jordi Prats
    Voice Text Vázquez Montalbán: Rosa Maria Sarda

    Original music: Nel·lo Dani and Jordi Prats
    Set: Paco Azorín
    Costumes: Charlotte Ricart
    Lighting: Miguel Muñoz
    Movement: Ines Boza
    up: Toni Santos
    Photograph: David Ruano
    video and graphic design: Pedro Chamizo
    Assistant Director: Richard Soler Mallol
    Technical Director and Assistant stage: Jordi Soler Prim
    Lighting technician: Miguel Muñoz
    Sound Technician: Efren Bellostes
    Councillor: Jordi Soler Prim
    Production assistant: Roger B. Sarda
    Executive Producer: Elena Vilaplana
    Address Production: FEI – International Factory Stage

A production: 2013 Grec Festival of Barcelona / FEI – International Factory Stage

Supported by: Ministry of Culture – ICEC – Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries Fabra i Coats creation factory Ivanow, Creation Factory




© 2015

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