• Zeus, the tyrant, who has just come to power, want to get life back to humans and turn them into a kind of animal.
    Prometheus steals fire to give it to humans, teaches letters, numbers, the use of fire for the industry, the use of plants to cure diseases ….
    Turn aware and educated human beings.

    Has risen against the government and is now a victim of Zeus punished eternally suffering isolated in the world as a sign of what happens to someone who rebels against what is above.
    Heiner Müller, one of the authors important and committed twentieth century, does not completely faithful translation of the Greek Aeschylus, who finally has become a version full of contradictions, fears of superb … all the feelings that humans suffer.

    With our dramatic understand that the conflict is “up” and that the resolution of this conflict, as the old principle of our civilization will have consequences “Download” to where humans are, now with fire, letters, medicine … in short, consciousness.

    If today appeared a Prometheus, humans would do the same as they did the gods punish him in silence.
    We have to ask if it really worth having given fire or if these humans might have been worth exterminate them and return them to their state prior to culture.

    of Aeschylus / Heiner Müller
    Director: Carmen Portaceli
    Catalan Translation: Feliu Formosa
    Spanish Translation: Adam Kovacsics
    Dramaturgy Pablo Ley and Portaceli Carmen

  • Cast: Carmen Elias, David Bagés, Luisa Castillo, Gabriela Flores, Lorenzo Gonzalez Pepa Lopez and Albert Perez
    Musicians : Nel·lo Dani, Jordi Prats, Anton Jarl, Miguel Angel Cordero and Ivan Kovasevic

  • Stage: Paco Azorín
    Music and musical direction: Dani Nel·lo
    Adjustments: Jordi Prats
    Costumes Antonio Belart
    Lighting: Maria Domenech
    Movement: Iva Hovart and Fernando Carvajal
    Sound: Roc Mateu
    up: Toni Santos
    Assistant Director: Angel Ordaz and Victor Sanchez
    Assistant Costume: Pedro Carreras
    image design: David Ruano and Paco Amate
    Design: Fernando Fernández
    Councillor: Maria de Frutos
    production and technical assistant stage: Jordi Soler Prim
    Executive Producer: Casiana Monczar
    Production manager: FEI – Factory International Stage


A production: 2010 Grec Festival of Barcelona CDN – National Drama Centre FEI – FACTORY INTERNATIONAL SCENIC




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