Stage: Josep Carreras Nicholas
Music: Mauro Paganini
Costume Design: Albet Moon
Light Design: Miguel Munoz
Makeup: Toni Santos
Picture: Paula Maestro
image design: Magda Puig
Assistant director and choreography: Judith Hill
Executive Producer: Casiana Monczar
Production manager: FEI – International Factory Stage


  • A modern tale. The Ogrelet is a contemporary drama, simple but rich vocabulary. The Ogrelet is learning to respect the difference, value pleasure, desire … The Ogrelet understand is the struggle between good and evil, we all opposing forces and Suzanne Lebeau in projecting a small ogre, character of classic stories.

    A home in a dense forest, a school down the road, vegetables at lunchtime and in the evening a persistent smell of blood. A careless rooster, a fox and a Mostoles, wolf and hunters, children and ogres, an ogre child.

    THE Ogrelet, the son of an ogre decides to change his fate. He will get three tests, three challenges to his instincts and his murky desires. While he has inherited his father’s taste for fresh meat received from her mother the desire to live in peace with the world and learned school spirit live company.

    The claims Ogrelet liberty with which we are all born: the ability and strength that we have to detach ourselves from default and build our own future. When children are costing us recognize and defend our uniqueness. The Ogrelet teaches us that we have the tools to live with their own flaws and virtues that we can decide what we want and what we believe. The text of Lebeau defense training based on personal responsibility, solidarity, participation and the ability of individual and collective commitments.


    The Ogret is a story for children. The recommended age is 8 to 14 years.

    by Suzanne Lebeau
    Translation: Fernando Ráfols
    Address: Ricard Soller Mallol

  • Cast:

    Sergi Torrecilla Contanza Aguirre

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A production:
FEI – International Factory Stage




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