• In 1941, almost 1,600 Jews were burned to death in the Polish city of Jedwbane. The official story placed the blame on occupying Nazi forces, but two studies have since shown that the real authors of the crime were the very neighbors and companions of the victims.

    Ten classmates, five Catholics and five Jews, who become executioners and victims in the moment of the act, and who then, years later, during fourteen scenes/ lessons, take on the roles of the tortured survivors and the ghosts who eternally haunt the minds of the assassins.

    The author paints a portrait of souls incapable of finding peace; that which has touched them has marked them forever, and even after their deaths, they yet carry the pain within them.

    External events can affect our internal lives without us being aware of the process, and thus the contemplation of our manner of being and a collective historical memory become essential elements for the evolution of humanity.

    by Tadeusz Slobodzianek
    Address: Portaceli Carmen

  • CAST:

    David Bagés / Jordi Rico, Rosa Boladeras / Carlota Olcina, Jordi Brunet, Ferran Carvajal, Roger Casamajor, Lluïsa Castell, Gabriela Flores, Albert Pérez, Xavier Ripoll i Albert Triola / Isak Ferriz

  • Stage: Paco Azorín
    Lighting: Miguel Muñoz
    Costumes: Moon Albert
    Sound design: Jordi Collet “Sila”
    Choreography: Fernando Carvajal
    Characterization: Toni Santos
    Image design: David Ruano
    Design: Mavi Villatoro / Pedro Chamizo
    Assistant Director: Ricardo Soler Mallol
    Head coach: Jordi Soler Prim
    Councillor: Maria de Frutos
    Production assistant: Roger B. Sarda
    Sound Technician: Efren Bellostes
    Construction stage: ART-cenices
    Making the costumes: DOBBLETE
    Trainee direction: Llach Carolina
    Student in scenery: Camille Grange
    Executive Producer: Casiana Monczar
    Production manager: FEI – International Factory Stage


    Consulate General of Poland in Barcelona

    Matilde Miralles

    Isidro Ortiz de Zárate

A production: 2011 Grec Festival of Barcelona FEI – FACTORY INTERNATIONAL SCENIC





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