• Krum, Hanoch’s anti hero, returns home after a long absence with an empty case. He has not succeeded, he has not married, he has not made money, nothing!

    When he comes back, the world he has depicted within himself, an idyllic world, is completely different, dreamless, paralyzed, apathic. It is as if, during his absence, no one had moved a step forward, as if they had forgotten to go further, to move on!

    Life goes by from small events to small events, nothing important happens they only respond to basic impulses such as births, weddings, funerals. But, among these people, Krum is the most passive. The others get married or die or want to live. He is like some kind of tourist who has lost himself and who turns up in order to inhabit a world of desilusions.!

    A human being who sees the world as a theatrical mise en scene, filled with his fears, his fantasies. A disturbing and shocking portrait, full of sense of humor, of this small world we all live in.

    Carme Portaceli

  • Jordi Brunet / Ferran Carvajal
    Lluïsa Castell
    Jordi Collet
    Gabriela Flores
    Carme González
    Oriol Guinart
    Pepa López
    Mònica López / Rosa Boladeras
    Joan Negrié
    Albert Pérez

  • Scenic Area: Paco Azorín
    Wardrobe: Antonio Belart
    Movement: Fernando Carvajal
    Lighting: Maria Domenech
    Original music and sound design: Jordi Collet “Sila”
    Pictures at Flower Market: Ros Ribas
    graphic design and photography at the Free Theatre: Pedro Chamizo
    Assistant Director: Ricardo Soler Mallol
    Executive Producer: B. Torres
    Production manager: FEI – International Factory Stage

A coproduction: Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona FEI – Factoria Escènica Internacional Teatre Lliure

With the support of: ICEC

With the collaboration of Israel Embassy




© 2015

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