• Who says what he feels? Better yet, who knows what he feels? Or even better yet, who really want to know? And even more real, who can distinguish what you feel, what you feel, what to feel …?

    Martin Crimp worked for a market research company to transcribe tapes of interviews with certain groups of people. In these surveys the author realized that any questions about habits can open a rift within us, revealing things, even feelings and realities that we did not know them to be more comfortable, but not happier.
    In to an almost absurd comedy, Martin Crimp creates a text inteligentíssim in quual words, everyday inadvertently revealing what it wants without saying, much less acknowledged.

    Eight characters (embodied by six actors, specifically designed for the author notes that are obvious reasons) are found in a random street survey on frozen pizzas. With this pretext full of irony and humor, we enter into their minds, their lives, in everything we do not say.

    It is the year 1991, the Berlin Wall has fallen, the Cold War ended with the triumph of capitalism, the sacaba segleXX, the world begins to join a new order, and begins thus an emphasis on values ​​they had upon the patriarchal world. I, here and now, youth, money … And, in here, in the labyrinth of a patriarchal society, the characters were alive, looking the other way, the darkest parts of themselves.
    Working for a successful market research company, mysterious, apparently organized by a man with pedophile tendencies secretly, all others were entering this world slowly …

    A large work in which words are intended not say what actually is happening inside. A work almost sinister, with its characters invaded by a sadness and loneliness, even. known.

    Carmen Portaceli


    by Martin Crimp
    directed by: Carmen Portaceli

    Stage: Paco Azorín
    Wardrobe: Marta Rafa
    II Lighting: Maria Domenech
    Choreography: Fernando Carvajal
    Sound design: Jordi Collet “Sila”
    Design Video: Pedro Chamizo
    Photograph: David Ruano
    Assistant Director: Ricardo Soler Mallol
    Assistant choreography: Marta Filella
    Production: Roger B. Sarda
    Executive Producer: Casiana Monczar
    Production manager: FEI – International Factory Stage

  • Cast:

    Gabriela Flores, Francesc Garrido, Albert Perez, Maria Rodriguez, Diana Torner and Martí Salvat.

A production: CDN – Centro Dramático Nacional GREC 2012 / FEI – FACTORY INTERNATIONAL SCENIC




© 2015

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